How to scrape links from a website into a Google Sheet

Scraping links from a listing page into a Google sheet is made simple with this Axiom template. If you don't want to use a Google Sheet, edit the template and tailor it to your requirements using Axiom's no-code bot builder for automating the browser. You could just donwload the links in a CSV.

If you want to scrape links and loop through pages, we recommend you do this in two parts:

  1. First use an Axiom to scrape the links
  2. Then another Axiom to scrape pages, see this template

To install this web scraper Axiom click 'Install template'. If you are a new user you will be required to create an account before you can edit the template.

  1. Create a new Google Sheet. You can do this in your Chrome browser by entering the shortcut '', presuming you already have an account.
  2. Name your sheet something like 'Link Scraper’.
  3. Set up a tab called 'Links'.

# Set up the 'Get data from a webpage' step

  1. URL - Add the link of the page you wish to scrape links from
  2. SELECT - Select the links on the page you wish to scrape, set the selector column to link type. Its as easy as point and click, this video shows you how.
  3. Find pager (optional) - Select the next button if the page has a pager. If it scrolls then do nothing.
  4. Max Results - When testing set to 2-3 results max, only toggle to all when ready to go live with your Axiom. scraping links from a web page

# Set up the 'Write Data to a Google Sheet' step

  1. Spreadsheet - In the field called 'Spreadsheet', you can search for the Google Sheet you created. Once found, click to select.
  2. Sheet name - Choose the tab you created.
  3. DATA - Select the Scrape data.
  4. Clear data before writing | Add to existing data - Set this option to 'Add to existing data'. write data to Google sheet when scraping the web

# Test run

We always recommed doing a test run - click run then check the output from the scraper. In this case in the sheet.

Try the following if your bot is not working. We would also recommend you watch the video to troubleshoot.

  • The links come out as text - Set the selector type to link not text.
  • Selectors fail and the bot stops, try a new selection.
  • The pager is not working - Re-select the next button or try custom selector.
  • No output in the sheet - In 'Write Data to a Google Sheet' check data step is connected.

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