Our new AI Chat GPT automation features

We are excited to announce that we are developing a new set of AI features - we can't wait to share them with you

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Download the chrome extension

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NEW features

  • AI Data Extractor
  • AI Text Generator
  • AI Bot Builder
  • AI Support Assistant
  • AI Selector Tool

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Out Now Axiom v3.18

AI Data Extractor

One of ChatGPT's most powerful features is its ability to take unstructured text, extract values, and reformat it into a different structure based on a simple set of instructions.

We have added an 'Extract data with ChatGPT' Step to Axiom to harness that power. Now anyone can extract unstructured data simply without code.

Just combine a 'Get data from webpage' Step with the 'Extract data with ChatGPT' Step and enter the values you want to extract. That's how easy it is to make an AI web scraper!

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Get started with our ChatGPT Template

Out Now Axiom v3.19

AI Text Generator

Another powerful feature of ChatGPT is to generate text that looks like a human wrote it. That's why we have added a step to Axiom that lets you generate text based on your prompt.

The generated responses can then be easily fed into your Axioms using our Enter Text step. Handy!

Coming Soon

AI Bot Builder

Our team is working on an AI bot builder to generate templates based on a description of the task you want the bot to perform. So, for example, you can ask the bot to create a specific type of bot, such as one that extracts data from a website and saves it to a Google Sheet.

The bot will then compile the necessary steps and upload the template to your Axiom.ai account.

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Coming Soon

AI Selector Tool

We are enhancing our point-and-click selector tool that enables you to select data for scraping on the page. The custom selector feature will be upgraded with an AI tool to assist you in creating your own custom CSS selectors.

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Coming Soon

AI Support Assistant

Automating the browser may require some learning, but we aim to make it easier for you. In addition to our great customer support, we plan to incorporate an AI support agent to assist you in resolving any problems you may face.

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How to make an AI web scraper with our new ChatGPT step

We suggest that you watch this video and try out the provided template if you're interested in creating your own AI web scraper without any coding. You'll require a ChatGPT API key and a Google Sheet.

The setup process for the scrape will take no more than 5 minutes.

Try starting with a ChatGPT template

A valid ChatGPT API key is is required